HEVC receives a 2017 Primetime Emmy Award

Leonardo Chiariglione receives the Charles F. Jenkins Award

We have very big news: The Television Academy has just announced that it will give a 2017 Primetime Emmy Award to the JCT-VC for the development of the HEVC standard!

In fact, that is not the only big announcement for our multimedia standards world, as Leonardo Chiariglione, the chairman of MPEG, will also be recognized with the Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy! It’s great to see the Academy recognizing the achievements of MPEG’s visionary leader.

The press release was just issued minutes ago. It is available at:


The Emmy is a huge recognition for all our hard work on HEVC, and marks the recognition of the impact HEVC has had on the television industry, especially for the roll-out of new Ultra-HD TV services.

Just for fun, attached is the group photo that we took at the JCT-VC meeting where HEVC version 1 was completed. It’s time to celebrate!