Video Coding Standards

    • HEVC/H.265

    • VVC/H.266

    • Post VVC

NNVC (Neural Network based Video Coding)

    • Deep Learning based Intra Prediction

    • Post filtering

VCM (Video Coding for Machine)

    • Feature map generation

    • Feature compression (CompressAI, VVC)

    • Object detection/ segmentation (Detectron2)

6DoF Immersive Volumetric Video

    • MIV (MPEG Immersive Video)

    • Atlas generation

    • Depth scaling

360 Video/VR

    • 360 video coding

    • 360 video projection - invalid region padding

NNR (Neural Network Compression)

    • Low-rank approximation

    • Local non-linear quantization

Video Coding Standard (MPEG, VCEG, JCT-VC)

    • High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)

    • Stereoscopic 3D video coding

    • Scalable coding of UHD (Ultra High Definition) video

    • Scalabel video coding (H.264/SVC)

    • H.264/AVC

Media transport & delivery

    • MMT (MPEG Media Transport) (for UHD)

    • DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP)

    • Signaling of service compatible stereoscopic 3D over MPEG-2 TS

    • NRT delivery of stereoscopic 3D

    • Delivery of SVC/MVC

    • MPEG-2 TS based multiplexing for UHD

SVC Adaptation & Adaptive Streaming

    • Packet-based adaptation of SVC MGS

    • Metadata-based (MPEG-21 DIA) optimal/interoperable adaptation

    • QoS-aware adaptive delivery of SBC over heterogeneity

Distributed Video Coding

    • Wyner-Ziv DVC codec

    • MV feedback based R-D optimized skip mode decision

    • Scalable distributed video coding

UHDTV (Ultra High Definition TV)

    • UHD (Ultra High Definition): 4K (3840x2160), 8K (7680x4320)

    • HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)

      • JCT-VC (ISO/IEC MPEG & ITU-T VCEG Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding)

      • UHD video coding

Stereoscopic 3D Video Coding

    • NRT based 3DTV

      • Stereoscopic 3D video coding

      • MPEG MFC (Frame-Compatible Stereo Enhancement for AVC)

Scalable Video (H.264/AVC)

    • SVC for heterogeneous delivery/consumption

      • Scalable extension of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

      • One single SVC stream servers different user's needs, displays and networks links

        • Flexible combined spatial-temporal-quality scalability

SVC Applications

    • UHD/HD in IPTV & Media Convergence

UHD/3D Transport & Delivery

    • MMT (MPEG Media Transport) (for UHD)

    • DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP)

    • Signaling of service compatible stereoscopic 3D over MPEG-2 TS

UHDTV MPEG-2 TS Multiplexing


      • Splitting 8K/4K UHD frame into 4 sub-frames

      • Based on parallel architecture

      • Requires multiplexing/synchronization of each sub-frame

SVC-Based Adaptive Streaming

    • Optimal/interoperable dynamic adaptation (MPEG-21 DIA)

    • Adaptation to time-varying network conditions

      • Temporal-quality adaptation to available bandwidth

DVC (Distributed Video Coding)

    • Low-power new video coding

      • Source statistics are exploited by the decoder

      • Complexity is distributed from encoder into decoder

      • "up-link" applications

DSP-Based SVC Codec & Surveillance Video

    • Embedded SVC codec

      • High-Performance Digital Media SoC

      • TM320DM6467T Davinci

    • SVC-based suveillance video

      • NVR

Content-based video analysis

    • Camera motion characterization in MPEG video

    • Video summarization

      • MPEG-7, TV-Anytime

    • Personalized TV